Who We Are

Texas A&M Powerlifting is a student-run organization at Texas A&M University and a club sport in the Texas A&M Sport Clubs Association, a division of Texas A&M Rec Sports. Our team has the support of the Texas A&M Sport Clubs Assistant Director, Jessica Konetski, and Director of Sport Clubs, Keith Joseph. Texas A&M Powerlifting competes under the national governing body USA Powerlifting (USAPL). USAPL is the premier association for drug-free powerlifting in the United States and in the world. Texas A&M Powerlifting competes at the USAPL Collegiate National Championships every year in the spring, arguably the most competitive powerlifting competition in the nation.

We are very proud to have the most elite powerlifting equipment on campus as well as the best quality in facilities of any collegiate team in the USAPL. Our facility is equipped with Eleiko and Ohio Power bars, Eleiko kilo-plates, custom maroon ER Racks, Elite FTS Safety Squat Bars, and Rogue Deadlift Jacks. 

The members of our team come from all education classifications, all majors, and all levels of experience in the sport of powerlifting, however; they are the same in that they are committed and dedicated to the success of the team and themselves as lifters.  Our members are student-athletes, training in the weight room 9-15 hours per week. Our athletes become skilled in time management from balancing hectic school, training, work, and social schedules.

Joining Texas A&M Powerlifting is a substantial time commitment, but as many former members can attest, it is well worth the lifelong friendships, experiences, and accomplishments obtained.

For further information on Texas A&M Sport Clubs, Texas A&M Rec Sports, or USAPL please see the links below.